Open Records Request

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PLEASE NOTE: To request copies of record drawings (sometimes called "As-Builts"), please contact the GIS Department at (972) 941-7152 to set up an appointment or stop by City Hall at 1520 K Avenue #250, Plano, TX 75074.




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Information RequestBe as specific as possible. Failure to provide specific information will result in the delay of fulfilling your request.  Please provide all information you have concerning your request.

In accordance with the Texas Public Information Act, I am requesting the following documents/re-cords from the City of Plano. I understand that I may either schedule a mutually acceptable time with the City to review these documents/records in person or I may request that these records be photocopied and mailed to me. I understand that there is a charge of ten cents ($.10) per page for standard sized photocopies (up to 8.5 x 14), and additional charges for non-standard sized docu-ments or for documents/records retained in another media (See ORR Fee Schedule on City Web-site). The City may also charge ten cents ($.10) per page for all documents that contain confidential information and must be redacted before they can be viewed by the public. Copies of documents ten (10) pages or less will be provided free of charge pursuant to City policy.

I understand the City may charge requestor for personnel time if the request is more than fifty (50) pages long or if records have to be pulled from two (2) or more separate buildings or from a remote storage building. I also understand that I may request an estimate of the charges before ordering copies of the documents/records requested. If the City determines that compiling or photocopying the requested documents/records will exceed $40.00 in charges, a written estimate of charges will automatically be generated and provided to requestor.

I understand that I must respond to the estimate of charges within ten (10) days, in writing, and inform the City whether I will accept the charges or my request for information will be deemed withdrawn.